Hi! I’m Christine. So happy to see you here!

I am passionate about so many aspects in the yoga and nutrition world that I decided to create this website and blog to share them with you. Here’s a little bio of me. Wohoo! I am now your new friend!

Educational Background:

I received my 100-hour Ashtanga Teacher Training at Pure Yoga in August of 2017, and my 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification at Laughing Lotus Yoga School in New York, in December of 2017. And I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Queens college. With five years of experience working as a medical assistant (still going!), I am now a pre-PA student pursing a path towards becoming a future PA (physician assistant)!

Work experiences:

As a yoga instructor, I work specifically with swimming teams and lead community classes to people of all age groups and backgrounds. In addition, thanks to the guidance of my teachers Scott Harig and Jamie Harig I am currently a regular yoga assistant at AOP (Ashtanga Open Practice) in Pure Yoga, NYC. In the Summer, I offer free yoga classes in public parks. As well as yoga privates all year round.

As a nutritionist, I have worked with individuals who struggle with weight loss. I also help patients at work with diabetes management. As well as with athletes in achieving their fitness goals through my nutrition consultation and meal planning services.

Last but not least, I currently work in healthcare at a clinical setting as a medical assistant, and am active in the medical field with the relationships I build with the patients I interact with at work. I also had a background of nursing school education in Shanghai, China for two years prior to this work experience.

My mission:

My mission is inspire and motivate many in creating a healthy lifestyle that is not only fun and engaging but, also delivers long-term success that ultimately leads to good health and well-being, improving your overall quality of life!

Currently living in New York City. I love early mornings and commuting with an oat cappuccino in my hand. Not only will you find me working out at the gym, you’ll also find me all over the big apple (NYC) running/biking in Central Park, the pier, and in the midst of busy traffic, as well as yogaing everywhere I go (just like the photo you see to the right). And last but not least, the best part is I also love cooking and enjoying healthy food with family and friends! Something about it is super warming to the heart and soul.

xxo, thank you for visiting!

- Christine, blogger of Feibulous


Email: contact@feibulous.com

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