My Top 3 Health Tips for a Healthier Holiday

So quickly! Another year is almost coming to a closure. You hear Christmas music playing and the holiday spirits are high. How can I resist the holiday temptations? You want to enjoy the holidays yet you’re afraid of the gain weight again. Fear not, here I’m going to offer some of my personal tips to help keep your health and waistline in check and still be able to enjoy the holidays without going overboard!

Tip #1. But first, let’s get some greens. 


And that doesn’t mean some green colored cupcake or donut sprinkles. I mean VEGGIES. Leafy greens! Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts! And to further expand your veggie repertoire, let’s adorn those greens with some color such as orange colored food groups like carrots and pumpkin. Oh, and let’s add a pop of vibrant red and add the detoxifying beets into the mix too!

Whether if it’s dinning in or dinning out, the first thing I look for on the menu or table are veggies. This ensures that I get something of nutritive value before filling myself up with foods of lesser nutrition! Not only are veggies high in fiber which can help stimulate your bowel movement. They also provide many micronutrients that are immune boosting, cancer fighting, stabilizes your blood sugar levels, and so much more... all of which that cakes and gingerbread cookies don’t provide. So fuel your belly up with some power foods. You’ll be sooo proud of yourself later.

Tip #2. Water are you waiting for?


Ok. So when I’m dinning out maybe not exactly veggies first because servers usually bring water to the table before anything else. Think. How often do you drink water each day? If you see the water, grab for it and let it be an opportunity to lubricate your digestive tract before having any solid foods in. Not only does this prepares your digestion for the meal, it also increases your likelihood of consuming slightly less during your meal too! Water? Definitely weight loss friendly. No calories. Nada.

Now, although water is not exactly a nutrient-dense food item it is essential for the optimal functioning of our body cells and tissues! Here’s a few to name: water provides hydration for our skin which keeps us looking youthful and vibrant, it lubricates our joints and moistens our eyes, boosts our energy and metabolism levels, and great for maintaining a healthy blood pressure, kidney function... the list goes on but you get the idea. We simply just cannot live without water. Without water, our skin becomes dry and wrinkly, we feel fatigued, and might even get headaches. Overtime, our body attempts to conserve more water so we urinate less and our urine concentrates to a darker yellow color. Well, guess what can happen next? If your blood gets concentrated enough, your cardiovascular system actually tries to compensate by pumping your heart even more in order to maintain your blood pressure levels. So, next time you sit down at a dinning table. Go reach for that glass of water, first. THEN, the food. *whispers* the veggies!!!

Schedule that eggcercise and work that bod-ayy.

If there’s ONE THING that gets forgotten during the holiday season that would be exercising because let’s be honest, who would forget about eating, right? With the holidays approaching, our schedules for meeting up with friends and families quickly piling up. Maybe you’ve got some last minute shopping. Who knows. The key is to schedule your daily exercise in for the week ahead. That way, you are more likely to make it a priority and keep yourself accountable to do it. And of course, keep your schedule flexible enough so you can adjust accordingly but, certainly do not forget it! Even if it’s just a light jog for 15-20 minutes. Any level of physical activity will be of benefit to your well-being. Jogging, cycling, or hitting the gym. It is yours to pick! You can also try my new online yoga classes too! Here’s an hour long one that I made for my regular yoga students. And here’s a 25 minute one if you’re pressed for time.

Additional tips

If you’re having a hard time scheduling your physical activity-of-the-day in, I personally like to write it down on a piece of paper in the morning or, whenever I have free time in the middle of my day. I also like to think about it right before bedtime. Another tip, is to get it done first thing in the morning before any excuses get in the way. If that’s still not working for you, then next time just go to bed with your workout clothes. Roll out of bed the next morning, drink a whole glass of water, and GET MOVING. It works for me EVERY DAMN TIME. But then again, when am I ever not in my yoga clothes though? :P 

Lastly, depending on your fitness goals you may be tempted to excuse yourself by saying: “ It’s ok, I’m on bulking season.” Or, “ It’s ok, it’s winter season anyways. No one can see it under my layers of sweaters”. I don’t totally agree with that mindset because often times it makes it harder for us to get back on track after the holiday seasons. Instead, try “ What is the one best thing to eat?”. With many temptations in front of your eyes, it easy to get swayed by it and hit decision fatigue. Even I do it sometimes, when I can’t decide I just say I’ll get all of them but, really a better approach is to simply pause and ask yourself “ What is that one best thing to eat?”. Chose it. Savor it mindfully. And stop there. Not only does this mindset allow you to be more satisfied and happier with your food choices. You simply don’t feel left out or deprived of the holiday spirits! 


A few final words…

The bottom line to a healthier holiday season is to seek a healthy balance between healthy and unhealthy food choices! To eat more mindfully so you can truly taste the taste quality of your foods. Take smaller bite pieces. And last but not least, maintain your health with regular eggcercise everyday. We’ve got 24 hours in a day and 7-8 hours for sleep. I suggest a minimum of 30 minutes and up to an hour of your time for eggcercise. Make it happen and schedule that time in! You may do it now. :) *nudge* *nudge*

Wishing you all a joyous and healthy holiday with your friends and families!!!

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Christine Fei from Feibulous