2019 New Years Resolutions and Tips to Make Yours!

Whohoo! Let’s toast to another new year! I must say, 2018 has taught me many valuable life lessons and now I am eggcited to carry all those knowledge and experiences into the new year to tackle some more life goals. Let’s do this together!


Many people often asks, how do I get to keep up with my studies, work two jobs, do yoga, workout in the gym, and still travel? How do I find time for it all? I’d say, if you’re waking up looking forward to a brand new day, then you’re onto the right path because I personally can’t ever imagine living a life that I don’t enjoy! If I love something, I want to do it all. I know for a fact that, with some strategic planning ahead of time by setting specific and measurable goals, along with a dose of dedication and will power. You can do it too!

I strongly believe that if you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. I am the happiest when I am the most productive self. It is such a great feeling to periodically look back throughout the year and say, wow. I did this! Then, set news goals and tackle some more of them. And I think it is also this feeling of accomplishment and overcoming the challenges that comes with it, that keeps igniting my motivation to do more, to keep striving, and not give up.

To share some of my previous resolutions that has really ignited my love for setting specific and measurable goals and achieving them. In High School my resolution was to find a job. I needed to save money to sponsor my mother for her immigration papers. I knew I had to get out there and look for a job. So I told myself that I would go visit at least three restaurants a day for a waitress position with my resume in hand and before I know it, I went from zero experience to simultaneously working in three Japanese restaurants! Years later, my mother has finally received her green card this year. Not to mention, I gained tons of experience on delivering quality service as a server which has helped me better connect and build positive relationships with my patients tremendously. Another one was when I entered college and got a job as a medical assistant, I realized how unbalanced my lifestyle was and my resolution was to prioritize my sleep. At the time I was still working as a waitress and often times I would arrive home 2am feeling tired and drained. I made a promise to myself that I would quit my evening shifts at the restaurants, prioritize my sleep, and sleep at 10 o’clock sharp. Since then, I fell in love with my increased level of productivity and energy that I get in the morning that, I have shifted from being a night owl into a morning bird ever since.

Now, onto the good stuff. Here, I’m going to share with you what my 2019 new year resolutions are as well as some tips on making yours too.

Tip #1: Categorize.

Just like any type of organization, categorizing just makes things easier and more manageable. For example, when I am cleaning out my room it may be overwhelming to clean your entire room all at once, but if you were to divide your room into sections and focus on only cleaning out your clothes in your wardrobe today and the papers on your desk tomorrow, it is more manageable and perhaps even enjoyable!

Life is like a piece of puzzle sometimes. So break them up and then piece them together into the life you picture yourself to be living in! Begin by categorizing your resolutions based on important areas of your life that you feel can improve. Here are my categories: health, self improvement/education, finance, and relationships.

Tip #2: Make measurable goals.

I kind of touched upon this already but I cannot emphasize enough on this. How often have you set goals that are either too vague, unrealistic, or unmeasurable? Making specific and measurable goals that are realistically achievable are important because you know exactly what steps are needed to achieve them, and they are measurable enough for you to track and keep yourself accountable. It is common to get hyped up on all the things you want to change in your life and make drastic goals on New Years day, but sometimes focusing on making small changes can leave a more lasting impact because you can actually stick to it.


Practice yoga in the morning 6 days a week.

See what I did there? My resolution is specific, measurable, and realistic. This year, I want to have a more regular yoga practice but that alone isn’t enough. I need to know how often I will do it in order to keep myself accountable. Just saying “I want to do yoga this year” is an amazing goal but it isn’t enough. Is this realistic? Yes! Number six is a magical number (I will talk more below). And I know this works because I was doing yoga sporadically before but during the past week, I have temporarily stopped going to the gym so I can focus on practicing yoga six days a week to heal my chronic muscle spasms. And I’m happy to update you all that so far I’m getting really good results, so I want to keep this habit going through this year.


So why six days? You may ask. The number is totally up to you, but this is a personal hack that has worked for me from my own experience. I chose six because our will power is the strongest in the beginning (hence morning time), and the easiest way to build new healthy habits are to be consistent. And doing an activity every single day, preferably at the same time everyday is an easy way to get yourself used to the new routine before an external distractions or excuses get in the way. Have you ever gone to the gym four days in a row feeling great and determined but after three rest days you suddenly lost the momentum to continue the following week?

I left one day out so I can have a day to keep things flexible and “rest”. To be honest, currently it is not really a rest day for me because I still want to maintain some level of physical activity that is low impact to help prevent my back stiffen up, but it is totally your call for whatever you want to do!

Additional tips:

Don’t have enough time for a full hour of yoga? How about half an hour? Fifteen? Or ten minutes? Consistency is powerful. Be consistent and let it’s magic do the rest!

Minimize snacking and eat mindfully

Now, if you know anything about me. I LOVE FOOD. And I love healthy food. I also like to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to keep my energy levels stable. However, that doesn’t mean eating a jar of nut butter is healthy! Last year, I find that I had moments of emotional eating at times of stress, both physically and mentally. I find myself snacking between almost every meal at times and had no portion control. Now that I am practicing yoga I am bringing that awareness into my eating habits. To slowly chew and savor the taste, the texture, and color of my food. I am also thinking, am I snacking because I am hungry, bored, or stressed? Perhaps I am thirsty? Now, if I reallyyyy want to snack, I will limit myself to snack once a day :)

Self improvement/education

Study one yoga pose per week

As a pre-PA student, there is no doubt I am passionate about health and working with people to achieve their best health! After personally experiencing chronic body aches and pains, it has allowed me to better relate to the patients I see on a daily basis. I hope after more studying and teaching, I can use yoga as an additional tool to help people who are suffering from chronic pain. Right now I have some future blog post ideas.

Study Spanish 15-30 minutes per day

I’ve always loved conversing with my patients (or people in general) in their native languages because not only is the communication better, it also makes them feel the most comfortable and at ease. I’ve always wanted to become more fluent in Spanish but never got around to it. Fifteen to thirty minutes per day shouldn’t be hard right? xD

Find one thing to improve my PA application per week

Since this is an ongoing work in progress, it will change as the months pass but I will dedicate myself to shadow a PA once a week and seek for more opportunities.


Minimize unnecessary spending

This one isn’t exactly specific because I am going to be more aggressive on this one but I also don’t want to add on unnecessary stress and tension. When I say minimize, I really mean minimize because I need to save up for my PA school tuition fees. Upon reflection, some of my unnecessary spendings includes teas from Tbarr or Kung Fu tea (jasmine green tea with aloe and herbal jelly, you will be missed!), subscriptions such as amazon prime, audiobook, and etc which I have cancelled today, and buying too many types of nut butters... haha!

Anyways, in other words, this year is the year to be minimal and frugal. And be happy with the things I already have! :) And if I have extra, maybe can squeeze in another travel adventure by the end of 2019.


Do one activity together every week

2018 was the year where new relationships came in and out. It came with a lot of happy, sad, angry, and anxious moments, and ultimately self discovery. There are many personal takeaways that I am ultimately grateful for and know that everything will fall in place just like it is meant to be with time. This year I want to make an effort to be more sociable and not be so stuck in the books and be antisocial. The goal is to try to connect with people I care about at least once a week. Whether if it’s cooking a healthy meal, grabbing a cup of tea, or grocery shopping. Maybe even just go for a walk. Just pick one activity each week to enjoy together! For this coming week, I have scheduled a screening for a friend’s film as well as a trip to visit the NYC’s winter lantern festival that is happening in Staten Island! That’s two activities in one week! :)

Upload a post once a week

This one is for you. This year I really want to connect with you all more. I remember starting this blog on wordpress as a mere hobby and now it has moved onto this platform, hopefully to deliver more valuable content. I was going to be a little more ambitious and say upload twice a week, but I think I will start small and see how it goes. I have never thought about taking a blog more seriously but over the years I’ve discovered that I truly value health and happiness and want to make it accessible to anyone who comes across my blog or YouTube channel.

During my college years I feel in love with medicine and enjoyed studying anatomy and physiology and dissections. It was also during this period of time where I fell in love with fitness, and yoga. And later in nutrition’s role in primary health prevention! I hope in 2019, this blog can connect and grow into something more and ultimately, bring a spark of joy in your lives to be happier and healthier.


2019 is going to be a great year everyone! I think everything I wrote here should be achievable. Probably not an easy year but achievable.

I hope this blog post was helpful. Now it’s time to make your new years resolution! Don’t be too hard on your self and be careful to not make your resolutions too hard to achieve. Take a moment to think about resolutions that you really, really want to achieve this year. And tweak it here and there if you need to as the year continues. Most importantly, smile and just go with the flow. :)

Want to share some of your new years resolution ideas? Comment below! I would love to hear from you!


Christine Fei