How I Like To Make My Morning Iced Coffee

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Today, I am sharing with you how I make my morning iced coffee (with a twist)! Ever since I’ve opened my mind towards coffee, I’ve become super fond of it. I love it so much that after going on a coffee shop extravaganza this Summer in NYC, I started to make them at home. Now, I can bring that tasteful experience back into my home, all the while keeping my wallet happy. Starting from a basic iced cold brew to a hot and steamy cup of oat cappuccino dressed with many failed and a few :) successful attempts at latte art, I became inspired to create a coffee concoction of my own… one that I’ll be proud to share. Wohoo!


A little about this coffee recipe:


This recipe is inspired by the numerous coffee shops that I’ve visited in NYC, most of which are situated in Manhattan. It is an espresso based, iced coffee drink with a chai twist and is perfect for transitioning from hot Summery days and into the fall season. I love making it right before leaving my house in the morning after yoga and enjoy it while commuting to work. The coffee beans I use are from Birch coffee shop and contains notes of dark chocolate and cherry. They come in bags of whole beans and if you don’t have a grinder at home, the lovely baristas there will be more than happy to grind them for you! I always ask to get them in fine grind. The chai tea I used is a masala chai concentrate from Rishi. It is infused with a ton of spices which gives it a strong aromatic tea flavor and offers an array of health benefits such as boosting your immune system, aiding digestion, anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce aches and pains, and more. It is also slightly sweetened with organic cane juice and black strap molasses so no additional sweetener is needed for this recipe. Using tea concentrate is an easy way to help you save time in the kitchen and yields a more concentrated and rich drink than using regular tea bags. Strong and flavorful is the way to go. OH YAS. And lastly, if you’re lactose intolerant like me or want to consume less dairy, I highly recommend trying oat milk. I’ve tried several brands and I must say, Oatly oat milk is the creamiest plant based milk I’ve ever had by far. It is just perfection and has been a staple in my fridge for months!

Health benefits:

Is coffee healthy or not? A highly controversial topic. Some major concerns of consuming coffee on a regular basis are the fear of dependency, increased risk in health disease, and more. However, coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that can help fight off cancers and slow down aging. Furthermore, newer research seems to show that it may actually have health benefits such as a reduction in developing heart disease, diabetes, liver cancer, and even boost our brain health and prevent us from developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee also counts as a source of hydration. :)

Whether or not you include coffee into your diet is very individualized because everyone is genetically unique, have varying health/medical conditions, and thereby, responds differently. For instance, some people experience a disruption in their sleeping pattern and have restless sleep when drinking coffee too close to bed time and others don’t. If you’re someone who has a sensitive stomach and experience heart burn, then coffee may not be right for you. And if you’re pregnant, the current recommendation by ACOG is to limit caffeine to less than 200mg/day.

Here are some general tips on maximizing the health benefits of drinking coffee:

  • Watch out for the sugar - Sugar is one of the quickest ways to add unnecessary empty calories. They’re called empty calories because sugar contains no nutritive values. Nada. Zero nutrition but calories that adds inches to your waistline. Unless you’re extremely active and participate in vigorous sports that requires a quick source of energy such as marathon running. The sugar won’t be readily used by the body as energy and will be stored as fat.

  • Limit coffee no later than 2-3 pm - As mentioned above, if coffee affects your sleep, then this tip is for you. :)

  • Avoid low fat and artificial creamers - Low fat and artificial creamers tend to be highly processed and have questionable ingredients. Try whole milk if you can tolerate dairy or a plant-based milk such as almond milk and/or oat milk.

  • Chose organic coffee beans if you can - Why? Well, the truth is coffee beans are often sprayed with pesticides. Hmmmmm. Did you know? Now you do.

My personal take on coffee is to drink in moderation and to listen to your body. If you experience any adverse side effects from coffee, then take note of the symptoms and make adjustments such as gradually reducing the amount you’re drinking, lowering frequency of consumption, or cut out completely if necessary. When in doubt, it’s always safe to seek for medical attention. If you don’t, then enjoy the taste of coffee and smile plenty! Currently, I like to alternate between drinking coffee and matcha-based drinks throughout the week, and drink plenty of water daily.

Do you love coffee like I do and want to try something new? This drink is refreshing, energizing, and fragrant. A perfect morning upper. Give this recipe a go! You’ll love it. :)


TOOLS YOU’LL NEED: A Nanopresso portable espresso maker*, an electric water cooker*, an ice cube mold, a 12-oz cup, and a 1/2-cup measuring cup (not shown).

* These tools are suggested tools that I used because it is what I have. If you have something else that can do the same job then definitely use that instead! For example, an espresso maker in place of Nanopresso or a pot instead of an electric water cooker to boil water.

INGREDIENTS: A cup of ice cubes, 1/2 cup Rishi Masala Chai Tea Concentrate, 1/2 cup Oatly Oat Milk (Original version), and a shot of espresso.

METHOD: Boil water in an electric water cooker and make your espresso shot with Nanopresso (instructions on how to use it can be found here ). Fill your 12-oz up with ice cubes to the top. Layer 1/2 cup of masala chai tea concentrate, following with 1/2 cup of oat milk, and a shot of espresso last. Put a straw and a lid on top. Give a gentle swirl with the straw to mix, and enjoy! YUM!


So there you have it! This is the coffee drink I’ve been making almost every morning, all week long. Hope you love it just like I do and be sure to let me know in the comments below what you think of it! Enjoy! Off to work I go. :)


Christine Fei

Be healthy. Be happy. ♥ → ☕