Jajaja: A Vegan Mexican Restaurant in NYC!


Jajaja, how did I find you? When scouting for a healthy restaurant to dine at in NYC, I like to first type in the following keywords into Google: “ Healthy restaurants in NYC”. I then browse through varying website recommendations to see if anything entices me. And when I find a place that I like, I then go on my favorite app called Yelp, to check for customer reviews, and photos of the food and restaurant ambiance, and menu!

So what was the occasion that brought me and my coworkers here? A birthday celebration! :D Thankful to be working with such a collaborative team of staff members at the medical office, I’d like to say we are all interested in eating healthy (at least most of us tries to most of the time, right? :p). So, I knew everyone would be open to trying new things and will enjoy the experience of exploring new healthy restaurants together! I seriously loveeeee eating healthy food and truly enjoy it. You’ll not only see me cooking up a table of my favorite healthy recipes at home on my instagram stories, you’ll also see me try new healthy restaurants and cafes all over NYC! I love healthy eating so much that has been a part of my lifestyle for years. And it brings me even more joy to be able to introduce healthy eating to more and more people around me! I am like a contagious health bug. :p

To make it a special birthday celebration experience, I wanted to look for a place that is not only healthy but also has an interesting menu in the city. When I found Jajaja on the web, I knew this was it. A vegan Mexican restaurant? How often do you get to try that?! After eating here, my coworkers were all impressed by Jajaja’s food. Most notably, the chorizo and said “ Wow! It really does taste like meat! ”.

Want to check out what we ordered and what we thought of it? Then keep on reading! :D


A healthy outside starts from the inside! ☺♥

Click  here  for Jajaja’s full menu!  For some reason not all Jajaja’s menu items are listed on their main website but, I did find it on seamless! :)

Click here for Jajaja’s full menu!

For some reason not all Jajaja’s menu items are listed on their main website but, I did find it on seamless! :)

What drink did I order? Almond Horchata (Top)

An almond-based drink with a twist of horchata tea and coconut!

The original almond horchata drink that my coworker Emma ordered is the one shown on the left. Right next to it is the exact same order but, I chose to add a shot of espresso into it (for an additional cost of $2.00) and it was SO YUM! Totally recommend getting it with the espresso shot. However, if you like your drink to be on the sweeter note then I’d recommend getting this drink without the espresso.

A close up shot of carnitas. In Spanish, carnitas means “little meats”.

A close up shot of carnitas. In Spanish, carnitas means “little meats”.

What entree did I order? Turmeric Cauliflower Rice Bowl (Top)

The original bowl is made with cumin spiced black bean, cilantro and scallion herb chermoula (this was my first time trying a Moroccan herb-y sauce!), grilled vegetable and sour cream. I also added additional toppings of sweet potatoes, carnitas (in Spanish, carnitas means “little meats”). These carnitas are made of jackfruit!), and slices of avocado for an additional cost of $3.00 each because after getting here from work it was already 2:30PM and I was hungry! I also thought this bowl alone wouldn’t fill me up so I added the toppings but, after having this entire yummy bowl I was definitely satisfied. I’d rate it a 4/5.

I’d also like to comment on the carnitas. Although it does look convincingly like meat and has the texture of it, it didn’t taste it. I was pretty surprised by it’s tangy taste. Not sure if I’m a big fan of it but nonetheless, it was very interesting to try! I had everyone try it and got a mix of responses. The jackfruit carnitas did add a nice tangy taste to the flavorful bowl but nope, you’ll be disappointed if you were expecting it to taste like meat. This bowl is also gluten free. Would I order this topping again? Probably not with this bowl. I think it would pair well with a different dish on their menu. This is just my own opinion but everyone’s taste preferences are different so I still encourage you to give it a try and discover it for yourselves!


What Other Entrees Did My Coworkers Order?

(From closest to furthest)

Mezcal Mushroom Taco

Made with tomato and beet tortilla, red pepper, pico de gallo and sour cream. If you’re someone who loves mushrooms then this one is for you! These are sooo flavorful and has a chewy meat texture from the mushrooms which is pretty cool. I’d rate this a 3.5/5. We ordered guacamole as a topping because guac makes us all want to taco ‘bout it (pun intended).

It is gluten free.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Taco

Made with turmeric tortilla, fermented bean, Serrano, scallion and pickled red pepper. I love anything that has sweet potatoes and a sucker for anything spicy! I also think the spicy combination in this taco really pairs well with the sweet potatoes. Otherwise, it may not stand out as much. I’d rate this a 3.5/5. Also added guac to this. Haha.

It is spicy, gluten free, and contains nuts.


Our Chorizo Taco (Top)

Made with turmeric tortilla, radish, micro cilantro, red pepper and sour cream. Fuego hot sauce. This is a customer favorite taco! It must be the magical chorizo. Mmmmmmmmm. Rating this 4/5. If you are a taco fan, maybe you’ll rate this a 4.5/5.

This taco is spicy.

Chorizo Burrito (Top)

Made with cauliflower rice, fermented bean, guacamole, smothered with salsa and sour cream. Fuego hot sauce. Yup, this one is spicy.

The inside view of the Chorizo Burrito. Woah. Looks so tasty.

The inside view of the Chorizo Burrito. Woah. Looks so tasty.

Everyone who tried it agreed that the burrito was super flavorful and worth recommending. 4.5/5 minus 0.5 because I didn’t get to try it. LOL.


Dinosaur Kale Bowl (Left)

Made with mango, avocado, red quinoa, smoked coconut shards, scallion, jalapeno chia-cilantro dressing. This salad bowl is your go-to if you just had some dirty eating days and want to eat reallll healthy. Very clean and light to taste. You can taste the natural taste of all the ingredients and the crunch from the coconut “bacon” pieces is a nice touch. If there was MORE MANGO this bowl would’ve been perfect (Jajaja, if you see this can you add more mango pleaseee ^.^). This bowl is gluten free.

I’d rate this 3.5/5 because there’s not enough mangos but hey, it ranks a 5/5 for being super healthy and clean.


Happy Birthday~~~!


♥ ♥ ♥

yum, yum, yummm.

Final thanks to Jajaja for accommodating such a big group of us even though your tables can only sit up to six people. Can’t wait for your new location to open soon. The food was amazing and the service was great!


About Jajaja

Jajaja is a hip and trendy Mexican restaurant that serves a fully vegan menu and has a bar that serves Mexican cocktails made of Mezcal! It’s interior decor has vibrant pops of color and has plants that hangs over the tables, giving a sunny, cultural, and airy vibe that is super cute and instagrammable. Perfect spot for lunch and dinner, or brunch on the weekends with friends!


Lower East Side: 460 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

Brooklyn: 4103 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

West Village: 63 Carmine Street, New York, NY, 10014 (coming soon)

Top 5 foods to order at Jajaja:

  1. Nachos

  2. Our Chorizo Taco

  3. Coconut Queso Quesadilla

  4. Buffalo Flower Taco

  5. Chorizo Burrito



Walk ins only.