Hello, hello. The weather in New York this Summer is quite nice lately! And I’m absolutely enjoying it very much. Today I arrived the West side at 6:30 am. It seems like I got the hang of arriving at 6:00 am on the east side but the west side remains a working progress. I am determined to get there at 6:00 am next time!

At Pure West, Studio 4. 

Today I did the opening Chant for the class again and my practice felt unusually strong afterwards. Breathing and moving, my eyes stings as my sweat rolls down my eyebrows. Little did I know the challenge I’m about to face. I think this is one of the very few times I have sweat dripping off my face… I can even count it with my hands. Most of the time it happens in Scott’s class such as his Sunday Led class, his power vinyasa class, and during teacher training. Otherwise, it’s got to be bikram/hot yoga because common… who still can’t sweat in a heated sauna-like room??? Anyways, I remember one time I asked a student from my teacher training why I don’t sweat in other yoga classes and she told me maybe it’s because I didn’t breathe properly. Ah, I guess I am finally breathing! Breathing is the key. It gets the circulation going in our bodies, and it purifies it. 

“Ok, from downward dog jump into Bhakasana.” says Michelle. “Excuse me?” I actually I responded this way because I didn’t catch what she was saying to me, but somehow before she responded I knew what she said. She said to jump into Bhakasana, the crow pose, I laughed. It almost feel like as if my mind automatically shuts itself before my ears even got a chance to transmit the message into my brain. And after a few failed attempts… 

Me: “I can’t, I feel like my arms will collapse if I jump into it. ”
Michelle: “No, you won’t. Your arms are strong enough. You just did it in Bhakasana.” “It’s all in your head.”

Me: ” Ok, I’ll try… yeah, it’s probably just in my head.”

I tried one, two, and three times. I tried jumping from a shorter downward dog. I tried to cheat my way through by jumping with one leg and catching it with the next. I even tried to convince myself that it’s all in my head but the moment I jumped I think my mind took over, signaling: “your arms!!!” And my feet drops again before my knees even touched my arms. Haha. Oh man… this is hard. Michelle then told me it’s ok, and that I will get it soon. And I really believe in her encouraging words. I believe in myself and in my practice that I will get it sometime soon. Just not today and that’s ok!

It wasn’t physically challenging because I know I am able to do a Bhakasana but it was mentally challenging. It makes me realize how weak our bodies can be when our minds are weak. It really is a leap of faith. And a strong mind leads to a strong body. 

Today I learned two more poses from the second series and left out the third because I had to leave by 9:00 am for work. I gazed at the clock after Shavasana and it was 9 o’clock on the dot. Michelle has such a great sense of timing. Thanks bunches!

Later at work, I was walking my patients down the hallway into the Dr.’s office and noticed a funny feeling near my triceps. It was different from what you would feel when you’re flexing your triceps at the gym. A new muscle I thought I didn’t have! How cool is that? And the best part is that the “worked” muscle wasn’t painful at all. It feels strong. It feels good. I’m sure you can all relate to that excruciating soreness/pain after working out at the gym because that seriously hurts and might take days to fully go away!

“When the mind is weak, the body is weak. ” Did I read this from one of the books I read about Pattabhi Jois?