Ahhhh omg, I am now so in love with Aerial Yoga. On January 26, 2015 the Monday of NYC “Blizzard” where I #stopdropandyoga all day long with awesome Wenss and did a number of fun activities. The blizzard stopped us from snowboarding but it isn’t going to stop us from having a “Day Of Awesome”.

We started our day by visiting the Living Museum, an art studio dedicated to displaying the wonderful works of art created by the patients of Creedmore Psychiatric Center. Then we took a train ride at Woodhaven Blvd station

to the sweet (suite) of Protein Bakery, located in Manhattan of NYC and had lunch at Darrows which I will later blog about in my “Dining Adventure Series Of NYC!” πŸ˜„ (Even though desserts really should’ve come after food!). Our Day Of Awesome then continued at OM Factory where we took an Aerial yoga class…and guess what? We even took an Acro yoga class! Talk about hard core yoga day today! But then again, I can do yoga all day, anywhere, any time. I am just that passionate about yoga. True Story. πŸ™‚ β™₯ Now, you may be wondering, what happened to dinner? Well, we found ourselves no place to eat since everything closed early due to the weather and ended up taking the train back home for food instead… And a tiny bit more yoga of course! πŸ˜‚

So let’s talk about OM Factory. How did I find it? I googled of course, but in addition, I also yelped “Aerial Yoga” and the following places popped up.

I then checked their photos and websites for their schedules, location, and reviews to help narrow down my search. At the time, we were at Flatiron District and OM Factory seemed like the best option for us.


Immediately, I was directed into this super cute and welcoming page of OM Factory. Where at the very first page is a short intro to what OM Factory is all about, their class schedules, locations, newest updates, and other pricing infos. Making it very straight forward and convenient to find what you want or should know. I then tapped on Classes & Schedules and was directed to the classes they have to offer. As you can see, it covers quite a lot! πŸ™‚ Below is what their class schedules of their day looks like. They have classes offered in Union Square location as well as Fashion District area. Based on their wide range of classes and evenly spread out times they had to offer, OM Factory won us over.


After our lunch at Darrows, we ran to catch their 4:00 PM Aerial Yoga class: Level 1/2 taught by Amanda McDonald. (We really did run because we lost track of time and realize it was already just a little less than 15 minutes away till class starts!) And to my most sincere apologies we arrived a tiny bit late, but quickly and quietly we were put into class after a quick registration with the lovely people at the front desk.

And oh dear. Let. Me. Tell. You. I really did feel like a butterfly after this Aerial Yoga experience! During this class, I experienced an equilibrium of challenges in strength and balance as well as the calming sensations of ease and relaxation. Like a caterpillar, I struggled to break through that binding cocoon in search of that inner awareness of an unknown potential to fly as my legs are tied up in the hammock and body in angles I was never in before. Then I found myself flying in the air like a butterfly, swinging along with my fellow aerial yogis. And lastly, I finished off the class wrapped within the hammock re-living the inner strength of self realization that a butterfly would’ve felt after flying for the very first time.

I have to admit, I didn’t think I would be able to do half the stuff in this aerial yoga class because just in case if you hadn’t noticed, it was not a beginners class. Here, I learned and practiced many asanas that I’ve never done before. It all seems foreign to me yet familiar in some ways from my daily yoga practices at home. Although this time I am not on my mat, I am on a hammock, where it carried my body weight gracefully across the room and brought me to a special place inside me.

I am a caterpillar. Yesterday I flew but instead I was just falling off a tree. Today I feel like a butterfly. However, I am still a caterpillar except this time I am falling off a higher tree.

-Christine Fei

It does not matter how far and advanced you are, or how quickly you get there, but it is the journey itself that adds on to its experience. And it is that very experience that I fall in love with each time I practice. Namaste.


I also did not think I would be able to do Acro Yoga but I was amazed how well two people can work together and help support each other just by a simple adjustment in the alignment in the body. It was like as if two people became one! And sadly there won’t be any photos to show here but next time I do Acro I will definitely get some pictures to show you all. β™₯ So which yoga won my heart? I would say both, but if I really have to choose, it would be Aerial Yoga for me. πŸ™‚ After this Aerial Yoga class, in addition to having the temptation to build my very own hammock in my house I also got an inspiration to design a logo with a butterfly for Feibulous! I hope this idea will transform itself into something magical and beautiful.



Christine Fei

β€œLets become butterfly yogis!”

(Last #stopdropandyoga of the day. I promise!πŸ˜‚πŸ™)


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