Whew! Another school year went by. I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this but… TIME. FLIES.

A friend laughed at me yesterday because just a few days prior to my final exams, I spoke about how eager I was to say goodbye to long hours of hard-core quality time spent with books, papers, and case studies for college, and how antsy I was feeling about taking the exams so I can say hello to freedom! Yetimg_0858, within a few seconds after I finished my final exams I told my friend “I am going home to eat some yummy food and read a book.” Am I cray, cray? I can now have the freedom to do anything and the first thing I want to do is grab a book and read? Yes, it is a shocker… but that’s honestly the first thing that came into my mind. The truth is, in the recent years yoga has transformed me in so many ways. I thought school was not my thing but I’ve come to the realization that I’ve actually always had a passion for learning. Yoga has unstripped me from the moldings of our societal influences and has helped me rediscover who I truly am.

Freedom! Today I woke up with the intention of being free and alive, and carried it onto my yoga practice. I didn’t practice at Jivamukti today, instead I practiced at home. My yoga practice felt different today and I realized my body knows. It subconsciously knows that a stress build-up is present in my mind and has accumulated in my body over the last month of school! No wonder I haven’t been able to progress any further than Kukkutasana. Even my teacher prodded if it’s time for me to progress further onto the sequence. How can I load myself up with even more challenging physical asanas (postures) if my mind is already jammed packed with worries about school? Of course, my body isn’t ready for it!

Well, lord and behold. I am free from my worries now that my finals are over. And my body, a responsive and reflective machinery tells me: You are free. And welcome home. Yes, I am home and I smiled.