Yes, this happened. A bomb cyclone. Right on time for the first week of 2018 in NYC. What a great way to start off the new year isn’t it? A perfect excuse to chill out for an extra day or two, go snow watching through your kitchen window as they swirl and dance in the air like crazy… And you’re just there, gazing and watching with awe, sipping on a nice cup of steamy hot chocolate (or hot water in my case)… and suddenly it occurred to you that the idea of hitting the gym five times a week to lose those extra fat gains, grocery shopping to whip up some healthful dishes and simultaneously saving money too, taking a new class to learn a new skill set for personal growth and development, or setting up job interviews for a better job… All of those possible new year resolution of yours is put onto a hold. It’s like Mother Nature telling us a message. Want to make new changes? Not so fast.

During my day off, it made me realize I really want to start off this new year feeling abundant, rich and full before anything else. Anticipating what’s coming next doesn’t always make you a more productive or successful person. In fact, you’ll probably be better off doing some inner work on filling up that “half-full” cup of tea of yours. What is there to give if your own cup is empty? Learn to fall in love with yourself. Look straight into your eyes, and answer honestly how you feel about yourself. On January 2018, are you whole and complete? Yes!

Every year, I hear people talking about how they’re going to change their old habits to better themselves. And then somehow we lose that motivation and hear ourselves saying the same thing the following year. We become so conditioned to think there is something imperfect about ourselves that we lose sense of feeling how whole and complete we already are. We start off our year plunging in to a detox diet to “get rid” of toxins in our bodies but the truth is, our body already has all the necessary systems in place to do all that (such as our respiratory systems to filter out toxins in the air, we’ve got skin that functions as natural barriers against bacteria and pathogens, and then we’ve got our digestive tract, our liver, and kidneys that all work together to clean out toxins that we put into our mouth)! To know that we are wholesome and complete. I think, is worth celebrating for. The journey to living a healthy lifestyle involves getting to learn and know about yourself. Understanding how to put the pieces of puzzles together to formulate a long term healthy diet that works for your body. And let’s not forget to get plenty of sleep, learn to handle stress well, and exercise regularly so that YOU can thrive off of your wholesome and complete selves all year round, and hopefully for the rest of your lives!

Want to join me and celebrate our inner wholesomeness with food? This meal plan that I’ve put together will focus on refreshing your system, make you feel light, refreshed, and energized. And let me tell you. I’ve included desserts too, such as chocolate mousse and cookie bites ;). So what are your waiting for? Come join me on this meal plan because I will be doing it along with you too! SOOO excited!

      Oh, and don’t worry. To make life even easier, I’ve put together a little shopping list for you as well. You’re welcome! 😉❤️       I am so excited to share this with you all. I think what makes this sooo special is that it is truly abundant in variety. All the different pops of colors, textures, and taste of whole and natural foods will surely have you coming back for more.

Everything is interconnected. Our body is the temple of our own soul. Exercise, do yoga, eat good food. Anything to feel renewed. Let’s prep ourselves for an awesome and wholesome year everyone! xxFeibulous.

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