Sometimes I laugh at myself. Actually, I laugh at myself all the time because that’s how silly and bubbly I am. I didn’t know why I didn’t expect to give a self introduction on the first day of teacher training but damn… I was actually quite nervous πŸ˜‚ ! Perhaps it’s a mixture of nervous excitement and anticipation. 

This 10 week Ashtanga teacher training will be taking place at Pure Yoga West of NYC with Scott Harig, whose Ashtanga guru is Manju Jois. I actually tried to meet Scott in one of his AOP classes two days ago but unfortunately he was away and wouldn’t be back until today. There was no doubt that I was waiting for this teacher training day to come… I even requested to leave a half an hour earlier from my job (that I love so much ❀️) so I can ensure that I have optimal time to get here and not be late from possible MTA subway delays… 

So here it goes! At about 5:35pm, I made my way into Pure Yoga and saw a bunch of people chattering away by the sofas near Studio four, where our class will be taking place. I guess I am still an introvert at heart so instead of joining the busy conversations by the sofas, I just stood by the door with a notebook and pen in one hand and a water bottle in the other. I just stood there smiling and waving at whoever that passes by and exchanges eye contact with me. 

As it gets closer to 6pm, we begin to fill the room. I sat next to a lady name Laura on my left and a guy name Trevor on my right. Just when we are starting to talk, Scott walked in with his son and his wife, Jamie! His son was so cute! 

Gradually the room starts to quiet and Scott begins with a quick self introduction. He then asks us to introduce ourselves and share with everyone how we started practicing Ashtanga and why we are here in this teacher training. It’s really interesting to hear about everyone’s stories. Everyone’s path is so different and unique. Some began their yoga journey due to depression, stress, injury recovery… Some has been teacher yoga for already 10+ years and wants to deepen their own practice… some were intrigued by the astanga practice… and many were Scott’s students from his hot power and vinyasa yoga class…

What about my journey? Well, it was quite difficult to gather up my thoughts in the midst of all the excitement but here’s a more organized version of what I truly want to express: 

“I started my practice mostly at home watching YouTube videos. I was mainly doing vinyasa flows. Or whenever I have the opportunity to take a yoga class in the city, I also like to practice bikram/hot yoga. It wasn’t until when I found KinoYoga on YouTube when I fell in love with Ashtanga. YouTube is an amazing platform to learn almost everything but Ashtanga is an extremely vigorous practice for me. I wanted to get proper training and learn from a teacher so I began to search and that’s when I found Jivamukti yoga school. I started with a Saturday Led class with Lori Brungard and next thing you know, I was in Mysore class every morning. I’ve been a devoted Ashtangi ever since. And now, I am here because yoga is a part of my life and shaped who I am today. Everyday I am inspired by my yoga practice. Not only am I here in this teacher training to deepen my practice, I want to be able to become a good yoga teacher so I can share this amazing yoga experience with everyone. ”

After everyone finished thei introduction, we did a couple of vinyasas. Then we wrapped it up with a little discussion on what to expect for the rest of the training. We were also given a teacher training booklet and a cartoon-ey explanation of the eight limbs, lists of approves teachers to observe, and other details, as well as charts to log our practice hours, as well as our hands on assisting and observational hours. 

It was so cool to make so many more yoga friends. I can’t wait to meet on Sunday and learn more! 

Well, here’s the my very first day experience. I will keep writing and sharing as it continues on. Also, I will be posting Facebook live chat videos so be sure to add me there! I will go more in depth and answer any questions there. Live! See you and of course thank you for reading! 😊

Namaste πŸ™πŸ»