Whew! Wow, what an intense day! Never would I have thought yoga can make me feel this worn out and tired. This is what happens when you get super excited to be in teacher training, are overly ambitious, and think it’s a fantastic idea to practice ashtanga yoga two times a day. 

“You’re going to do this again this afternoon” Jamie says in the beginning of Led class at 9 A. M. “You can take a break if you need to”

Take a break? Do I need it? Well, I do have a three hour break in between to grab food, rest, and recover before teacher training at 1:00 P. M. Not sure about what I’ve gotten myself into at the time but after Jamie asked me what my age was she laughed and said: “Oh, you’ll be fine.” 

And lord and behold. I should’ve listened. Later I found out that was not just an ordinary led class. It not only included the primary series but a segment of secondary series too! My arms were shaking and trembling even in chaturanga during teacher training. Yet, somehow I made it through. And to be honest, I was so grateful of Scott when he announced the closing postures. Ahhh, shavasana! 🤤 

Scott then told us we have a 30 minute break so of course, I immediately went to get my cherry and walnuts snack that I brought from home to reenergize myself. During this rest time, I also got invited to join with two other teacher training students to grab something at Fresh Pressed Juicery around the corner. They’re so nice and welcoming. I’m so happy to join even though I didn’t order anything. Their smoothie bowls do look 👀 yummy though. Well, I know what I’m getting next time 😁

Anyways, we went back and continued the rest of the training and learned a few hands-on adjustments. Scott prefers not to do any adjustments during the first five Surya Namaskara A and Bs because our bodies are just warming up which is quite interesting because i do enjoy getting assisted while breathing in downward dog. We also went over the six fundamental postures: padangustasana, padahastasana, utthita trikonasana, parivritta trikonasana, utthita parshvokonasana, parivritta parshvokonasana, prasarita padotanasana A, B, C, and D, and lastly, parshvotanasana. And some assists that focuses on finding length in the spine and enhancing the energetic flow of a students practice. 

After teacher training I did a quick Facebook live video of my experience and took the train back home. 

It is definitely a highly memorable moment for me. So tired, upbeat, and feeling famished but so happy to be on this journey. The thought of teaching yoga is exciting because I’m finally letting my inner I-want-to-teach-and-inspire voice to seep through! Yet, taking this very first step out of my comfort zone still feels kind of scary. Will I be a good yoga teacher and be able to bring the joy of what yoga has brought me to everyone else? Can anyone relate to this excitement and nervousness I feel?

Oh, and by the way. The words written on the manduka mat I’m stepping on made me laugh today! I want to have good karma. Do you believe in karma? 🙂