Hello my Feibulous Friends!

I am so excited to have decided to begin a blog where I can share everything I enjoy in life, such as food, yoga and many more with each and EVERY one of you guys!

The thought of having a blog has never really came to me before, until gradually from the people I love, one by one they approached me with the same thought and told me things such as: “Christine, you should really start a blog! You’re such a healthy inspiration and you enjoy what you do. Why not start a blog?”

Days, weeks, or maybe months have past. I was approached for healthy nutrition and workout tips. And recently, was even contacted by many for yoga classes! From then on, I know I’ve done something right. Living a healthy lifestyle is a part of me. It not only makes me feel and look good, but I wake up everyday, thinking: “Wow, Life is beautiful. Time to kick start another busy day!” Every day, I start my day, first thing from the moment I open my very eyes, I kickstart my day with a VERY, intimate time with myself, by doing yoga! Hooray! I set myself with a moment of peace from my VERY busy life, connecting from my mind, my body, and inner self. I know that, whatever challenge I’m about to face. I will conquer it all. 🙂

And now the idea of starting a blog is stuck in my head! So why not start a blog?


Are you guys excited? Please leave a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Now, let me wrap up my blabbering and let you all go to sleep.


Christine Fei

P.S. Just got my first birthday wish. Hehe…Wow, time flew, I am now officially one more year older, and am 21! Happy Birthday to me~ 🙂 Let the Feibulous journey begin. <3 And stay Feibulous! <3



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