“I have a vision to touch lives and make a difference.”

In the last 3+ years, my education and experience in medicine, yoga and nutrition has helped me look at health and happiness at a new and more well-rounded perspective. I believe in offering a multi-faceted collaborative approach to healing. Everyone of us are unique in your special way and therefore, our approach to healing should be unique for each and everyone of us as well. I hope as I continue further on to my studies, I can become competent in my craft in medicine as a PA, focusing on preventative care and develop health programs that integrate elements of medicine, nutrition and yoga therapy tailored to provide the most beneficial path for each unique body and guide you to organize your health goals successfully so that your healing is rooted firmly.

My philosophy that because we are all so different in terms of our genetic background, social and lifestyle differences, and physiological needs, all well-rounded approach to achieving and maintaining health allows me to provide you with the optimal approach to healing.  

What I Am Currently Doing

QC Nutrition and Dietetics BA College Student

QC Fitzgerald Fitness Center and High School Swimming Team Yoga Instructor

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Student at Laughing Lotus Yoga School

Golden Spoons Volunteer at NY Hospital of Queens

Medical Assistant at Elmhurst Medical PLLC

My Goals

Complete my Bachelors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics by the end of the year of 2017.

Participate in medical mission trip after graduation in Lima, Peru as a volunteer to serve the underserved communities in the Spring of 2018.

Apply for PA school by April 2018.

To inspire the world one the importance of health by providing quality and efficient medical care at a hospital setting as a Physician Assistant, with competence and sensitivity towards diverse cultural needs and backgrounds. Spread health awareness and nutrition intervention to the community. And share the healing benefits of yoga for overall health, happiness, and wellbeing in the next 5-10 years.